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25 August 2008 @ 02:04 pm
Hi, and welcome to Merry Pirates, a winter holiday story exchange for Pirates of the Caribbean fandom. penknife is your moderator. Please read the rules and sign-up information in this post before signing up!

To sign up, you'll make three requests for a character or pairing (or threesome) and a specific request or scenario. You'll also list at least three characters and/or pairings you are willing to write, as well as anything you particularly don't want to write. You'll be matched with a person who requested at least one of the characters or pairings you offered.

Your story needs to include one of the characters or pairings your recipient requested. Fulfilling the specific request is optional but highly encouraged, and your story shouldn't contain anything your recipient asked you not to include. Stories must be at least 1000 words.

I'll be posting stories through the month of December, so please turn in your story on time! If you're going to be late or need to drop out, let me know as soon as possible.

Last date to sign up: August 31
Assignments mailed out: September 5 (or earlier)
Stories are due: November 15
Posting begins: December 1


Are there any other rules I should know about?

Please don't comment negatively in public about the request you are assigned or the story you receive. If it doesn't match what you offered or requested, contact me and I will sort it out. Otherwise, please write the best story you can and thank your author even if the story you receive is not to your taste.

Also, please do not bash characters or pairings in your request. It's okay to specify characters or pairings you don't want in your story; "No Elizabeth/Gibbs, please," is fine. "Spare me the Elizabeth/Gibbs, yuck" is not. Keep in mind that you may be matched with an author who also writes and enjoys the things you dislike.

What should I do if I still have questions?

Please ask any questions about the rules or the sign-up process in comments to this post, and I'll answer them as soon as possible. I'll be making another post later explaining the format for submitting your stories, so please hold off on specific questions about that for now.


Leave a comment with the following information, or email it to penknifewrites @ aol.com.

Please note that if you request "character A/character B," you're requesting a romantic or sexual pairing, so if you want a friendship story or a story about a (non-incestuous) family relationship, please request "character A and character B" instead.

Also, if you say you will write "any," that means any, from common pairings to off-the-wall rarepairs. If you offer to write "Will/any," you may be assigned Will/Elizabeth or Will/Cotton. If you offer to write "any slash," you may be assigned Jack/James or Ragetti/Governor Swann. Please do not offer to write "any character" or "any pairing" unless you will really be happy with any possible assignment.

Author name:
LJ name:
Email address:

Character/pairing request 1:
Specific request:
Character/pairing request 2:
Specific request:
Character/pairing request 3:
Specific request:

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about:

Anything you will not write:
penknife: pirate ot3!penknife on August 25th, 2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
Example sign-up
Author name: Penknife
LJ name: penknife
Email address: penknife@livejournal.com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack/Will/Elizabeth
Specific request: Happily together in a non-AWE-compliant AU. (The story doesn't have to be drama-free fluff, but I really want a happy ending here.)
Character/pairing request 2: Jack/James
Specific request: Anything with more snarky tension than sweetness.
Character/pairing request 3: Will/Elizabeth
Specific request: Bondage or verbal domination, with Elizabeth on top. I'd love to see a less vanilla side of these two.

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write: Jack, Will, Elizabeth, James, Governor Swann, Teague, Jack/Will, Jack/Elizabeth, Jack/James, James/Will, Jack/Elizabeth, Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will/Elizabeth, Jack/James/Elizabeth

Anything you will not write: Any of the pairings above as rape/noncon.

Edited at 2008-08-25 06:53 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Barbossa's Monkeybarbossamonkey on August 26th, 2008 01:06 am (UTC)
Okay. Here you go then. I added that other pairing I missed so its all in one comment now.

*is jealous of those with the edit button*

Author name: Barbossa's Monkey
LJ name: barbossamonkey
Email address: cmdrmitth@mindspring.com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack and Barbossa
Specific request: The mutiny. We only know the mutiny through Gibbs who probably got it from Jack so therefore we only know Jack's version of the events. Tell it from Barbossa's truth and whether or not he really did break the code. Did Jack give them a reason to mutiny? Did Barbossa try to give Jack a chance to step down and let the crew vote for a new captain? Bootstrap said it was against the code, but was it really? For someone who knows the code like the back of his hand, did Barbossa really cross the line? So lets hear the Other Side of the Coin, mates. Only relationship I want to see between these two is friendship/colleagues. No slash or hints of slash.

Character/pairing request 2: Barbossabeth
Specific request: Elizabeth and Will aren't talking or touching during the trip to Singapore. Barbossa hasn't had a woman in ten years (I seriously doubt Tia Dalma let him touch her since she's apparently still loyal to Jones). Elizabeth doesn't know a single thing about "real" pirates. All she knows is the romanticized stories of pirates like Henry Morgan and Sir Francis Drake. What she doesn't know is how dangerous and hard it is to be one. So Barbossa takes it upon himself to teach her and attempts to subtly seduce her at the same time. I'd like to see some intelligent banter between them, sexual tension, and a bold streak in Elizabeth that Barbossa accidentally/intentionally draws out of her to taunt him with. It can just be inappropriate touching that leads to both of them with unsatisfied wants or it can go all the way. If it does go all the way, there's only one restriction I'm putting on it. No bed. Barbossa isn't the "lover" (non-passionate) type so I imagine he wouldn't mind doing it elsewhere besides the bed and that he's probably quite passionate about it. No Will (except in mentioning), that'll just screw things up. The setting can be anywhere or any time between DMC and AWE. Kudos if there is a green apple!

Character/pairing request 3: Barbossa and Beckett mainly, can add Mercer
Specific request: I'd like to see these too confront each other! If you can work it to fit during, after or between the movies a + for you! These two can have a conversation, captor to prisoner, or a physical confrontation with swords and pistols drawn. Whatever you can think of. No slash or hints of slash. These are straight men who are enemies.

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about:

Davy Jones
Barbossa and Davy Jones
Barbossa and Elizabeth
Barbossa and Sparrow
Davy Jones/Calypso

Anything you will not write: Anything that is not "straight". So no hardcore, no slash, no master/slave dom (BDSM?), no sexual humiliation, no rape, no anal, no mpreg, and so on. Sorry. I can write it and I'll read it (if done really well), but I dont like it enough to actually write it.

Things I will write: Torture, horror, gore, action, realism, characterization, angst, death scenes, straight sex, and mild bondage (usually the guy is tied up and being pleasantly ravished by the woman). Very mild domination (as passionate sex, no humiliation and no master/slave).
Piro: Greitzer swordecchipiro on August 25th, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
Author name: Piro
LJ name: ecchipiro
Email address: ecchipiro [at] gmx [dot] de

Character/pairing request 1: Greitzer/Gillette
Specific request: Greitzer is a dangerous man, but Gillette never let others boss him around. (I'd prefer dub-con over non-con, though). Witty Gillette.
Character/pairing request 2: Groves/Elizabeth
Specific request: pre-DMC, seduction. Elizabeth thinks all Navy men are the same: rude, arrogant and snobbish. Groves proves her wrong.
Character/pairing request 3: Groves/Gillette/Elizabeth
Specific request: smutty fun, pre-DMC. Snarky Gillette.

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about:

Lord Beckett,
Lt. Gillette,
Lt. Groves,
Elizabeth Swann,
Lt. Greitzer,
Commodore/Admiral Norrington,
Lt. Cryer.

Any pairing pertaining to these characters is a-okay. :)
Het, femslash or slash. Kinky or not. I'm not very good with fluff, though.

Anything you will not write: Mpreg, suicide fic, pregnancy fic, non-canon character death, any extreme kinks (scat, watersports etc.). DMC!Norrington, Jack/Will, Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Norrington (I don't hate these pairing. I just know, I'd fail writing them.) No fics in which Gillette died in the hurricane.
Piroecchipiro on August 25th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
I forgot to mention I am willing to write quite kinky things. I would be willing to write even non-con, but only if it is Mercer, Beckett or Greitzer. I prefer writing dub-con over non-con, though.
kittymay on August 26th, 2008 07:34 pm (UTC)
Damn, and I was just about to put the finishing touches to the Greitzer/Will watersports scene.
mamazanomamazano on August 25th, 2008 08:59 pm (UTC)
Author name: mamazano
LJ name: mamazano
Email address: cprovenzano@tampabay.rr.com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack and Gibbs and crew of Black Pearl, post CotBP AU

Specific request: Christmas in Tortuga goes not quite according to plan

Character/pairing request 2: Jack and Will/Elizabeth

Specific request: Jack visits the happy couple at Christmastime, friendship fic in post CotBP AU

Character/pairing request 3: Jack and Norrington

Specific request: Jack and Norrington find themselves spending Christmas together and call a holiday truce. Post CotBP AU

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about: Jack, Gibbs, Will, Norrington, Scarlett & Giselle. Prefer to write friendship fic. Pairings with any of the above (or all) and Scarlett & Giselle are do-able.

Anything you will not write: NO Jack/Elizabeth, no slash, no violence or rape, etc.

mamazanomamazano on August 26th, 2008 01:00 am (UTC)
I forgot, I would also write a pairing with Jack/AnaMaria.
immortal_jedi: just watchingimmortal_jedi on August 26th, 2008 12:41 am (UTC)
Author name: immortal_jedi
LJ name: immortal_jed
Email address: jedipati@aol.com

Character/pairing request 1: Davy Jones and Bootstrap
Specific request: How did Davy Jones find Bootstrap, and what made Bootstrap take him up on the offer?
Character/pairing request 2: Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Jack Sparrow
Specific request: Jack comes to Port Royal only two years after Will and Elizabeth arrive (six years early). He meets the two children playing on the beach. How does this change the events of canon, assuming he leaves and then returns? AU or not, it's up to you.
Character/pairing request 3: James Norrington and Will Turner
Specific request: Pre-Cotbp, James teaches Will how to swordfight, or helps Will find a teacher.

None of these should be slash, or over PG-13/soft R!

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about: Will, Jack, Elizabeth, Davy Jones, Barbossa, Norrington, Bootstrap, Teague, Murtogg and Mullroy, Anamaria, Gibbs, Beckett, Sao Feng... really, any character.

Anything you will not write: I will not write slash, or anything above a soft R rating. I also generally do not write romance type fics.
Jestana: PotC: Scruffingtonjestana on August 26th, 2008 01:25 am (UTC)
Author name: Jestana
LJ name: jestana
Email address: jestana [at] yahoo [dot] com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack Sparrow/James Norrington
Specific request: An encounter where there's much snark to be had, but plenty of sexual tension as well. AU would work, too.

Character/pairing request 2: Gilette/Groves
Specific request: Either established lovers or one has finally accepted that his love for Norrington will never be requited (because Norrington is helplessly in love with Elizabeth or Jack) and he's realized that the other has been there for him all along.

Character/pairing request 3: Norrington/Gilette/Groves
Specific request: Gilette and Groves have been lovers for some time and James finds out about it. Instead of being horrified, he's intrigued. They notice and invite him to join them for a night of debauchery. *smirk*

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about: Jack Sparrow, James Norrington, Jack Sparrow/James Norrington, James+Gilette+Groves (brothers in arms-type thing), James/Gilette, James/Groves, Gilette/Groves, James/Gilette/Groves, James/Gilette/Groves/Jack, Davy Jones, Teague, any gen

Anything you will not write: Non-con, beastiality, hard-core kink
'Dreaplaceofinsanity on August 26th, 2008 02:24 pm (UTC)
Author name: 'Drea
LJ name: placeofinsanity
Email address: amount13@gmail.com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack/Will/Elizabeth
Specific request: Will and Elizabeth are still married, even though Will can only step foot on land once every ten years. Elizabeth starts in with Jack (who may or may not find immortality, your prerogative...). On the next ten year mark, the three of them strike up a relationship (again, how they do this and how Angry Will is, is your fun and your decision...) Bonus points if you come up with an interesting way to break the curse of the Flying Dutchman.
Character/pairing request 2: Jack/Will
Specific request: POST-AWE, Elizabeth doesn't wait. What's poor William to do?
Character/pairing request 3: Jack Sparrow
Specific request: His quest for immortality.

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann (any combination of the three except Jack/Elizabeth stand alone), Norrington/Elizabeth, Norrington/Will/Jack, Pintel/Ragetti, light torture, dub-con, blood/gore, fluff, happily ever afters, AU's, modern!fics...angst, I'm awfully good at angst

Anything you will not write: Jack/Barbossa, Jack/Beckett, Jack/Norrington, Barbossa/Will, rape!fic, mpreg (I like mpreg but I'm absolute crap at them), and BDSM (hardcore, that is)
Sara: Beckett/Mercerlife_of_amesu on August 27th, 2008 07:19 pm (UTC)
Author name:Amesu
LJ name:Life_of_Amesu
Email address:raptor04@sbcglobal.net

Character/pairing request 1: Mercer/Beckett
Specific request: Just so long as there's no Speckett I'm happy. Any rating. I would like a first time fic if possible. Sexual tension is fun to read, please keep it in the fic and also please keep it somewhat historically accurate in the sense that this is the early 18th century, people were hung for sodomy. Not to mention ruined reputations etc.
Any rating will do though I have no problem reading R and above ^_^.
Character/pairing request 2:Sparrington
Specific request: Only in POTC CoBP universe please. Also, snarky-ness between them, and please keep them in character. That's my only request. Again, rating doesn't matter.
Character/pairing request 3:Gillington
Specific request: Only CoBP time period please. I'm not picky when it comes to Gillington. Any rating will do.

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about:
(Any of the people from the above pairings on their own/in a general fic etc.)
Tia Dalma
Anything kinky

Anything you will not write:
I avoid het but I will write it if necessary. No rape/non-con etc.

Edited at 2008-08-27 07:20 pm (UTC)
♡ Floof ♡: Pink Crownlolitalockhart on August 29th, 2008 09:21 am (UTC)
Author name: Floof.
LJ name: Lolitalockhart.
Email address: ragetti_smallest_pirate@yahoo.com

Character/pairing request 1: Teague/Weatherby Swann/Chevalle as young men.
Specific request: Make it work, designers! Weatherby is the wide-eyed innocent, Chevalle is bored with his proper life at the French court, and Teague always had a secret weakness for fops. If you write this, I'll marry you. <3

Character/pairing request 2: Ragetti/anyone fancy or wealthy. Anyone with wigs, navy, Lords, or even Elizabeth.
Specific request: Ragetti dresses in drag to mingle with good society. Bonus points if his tiny waist draws in admirers. XD

Character/pairing request 3: Governor Swann/Capitaine Chevalle.
Specific request: This is my OTP. XD I would like to see them get along suprisingly well, either as friends in wiggery, or something more romantic.

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about: Norrington, Beckett, any navy officer besides Gillette, since I wrote him for another challenge recently, Governor Swann, Elizabeth, all the Pirate Lords, Ragetti and Pintel.
Pairings: Norrington/Beckett/Officers/any navy or EITC ship, Norrington/Governor Swann, Chevalle/Governor Swann, Pintel/Ragetti, Pirate Lord ships with or without Teague. Fluff. Romance. 'Fancy' settings and courtly (man)love. European settings, since I am Dutch~! And anything to do with fashion of the time.

Anything you will not write: I can't write Jack, Will or Barbossa. I won't write Jack/Will, there is enough of them! I'm not good with explicit sex at all. I'm probably bad with Tia, as well, so I won't write her. Rape and anger is not my thing either. I'm about the fluff. I also know nothing about warfare or fighting.
Artaxastra: Jack/Elizabethartaxastra on August 29th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC)
Author name: Artaxastra
LJ name: Artaxastra
Email address: Artaxastra@aol.com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack/Calypso
Specific request: Before DMC -- how they knew each other and what happened
Character/pairing request 2: Jack/Elizabeth
Specific request: Ten years after AWE, involved with each other
Character/pairing request 3: Teague, gen
Specific request: What happened at the last meeting of the Brethren Court before AWE

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about: Jack gen, Jack/Elizabeth, Jack/Calypso, Jack/James, Jack/Will, Will/Calypso, Elizabeth gen, Will gen, Calypso gen, Jack/Elizabeth/Will threesome

Anything you will not write: any of the above as noncon, death and doom -- I am in a cheerful mood!
Anneladyofthesilent on August 29th, 2008 05:59 pm (UTC)
Author name: ladyofthesilent
LJ name: ladyofthesilent
Email address: AM_Fehn [at] hotmail.com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack/Bootstrap or Jack and Bootstrap
Specific request: Before the mutiny. Why is Jack among the very few that knew him by his Christian name?
Character/pairing request 2: Jack/FOC
Specific request: Set before CotBP. Tell the story of a woman that Jack loved and lost!
Character/pairing request 3: Jack, gen
Specific request: What happened to the Wicked Wench?

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about: Jack gen, Jack/Elizabeth, Jack/Calypso, Jack/James, Jack/James/Elizabeth, Jack/Will, Jack/Bootstrap, Jack/OC

Anything you will not write: Absolutely no non-con, no Will/Elizabeth, no Jack/Barbossa, no Jack/strumpets, nothing involving Pintel and Ragetti

Edited at 2008-08-29 06:01 pm (UTC)
mirageofmae: chuckolivemirageofmae on August 29th, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
Author name: mirageofmae
LJ name: mirageofmae
Email address: mirageofmae at yahoo dot com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack/Elizabeth/Will
Specific request: During an adventure post AWE, the three get distracted... (not overly angsty but doesn't have to be total fluff either.)

Character/pairing request 2: Elizabeth/Norrington
Specific request: during DMC, Elizabeth noticing things she hadn't bothered to notice before. Can have Jack/Elizabeth in it too

Character/pairing request 3: Elizabeth
Specific request: Post AWE, can have Elizabeth/Will or Elizabeth/Jack but I would really like a nice character study of Elizabeth dealing with life, motherhood, pirates, and other such nonsense.

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about: Jack/Will/Elizabeth, Will/Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Jack, gen for Will or Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Norrington.

Anything you will not write: slash (other than in the context of Jack/Will/Elizabeth)
Geek Mamageekmama on August 31st, 2008 06:11 pm (UTC)
Author name: Geek Mama
LJ name: geekmama
Email address: geekmama at gmail dot com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack/Elizabeth
Specific request: Christmas, maybe their first at Shipwreck Cove

Character/pairing request 2: Young Jack/OFC
Specific request: H/C, Jack backstory, Christmas optional

Character/pairing request 3: Jack & Bootstrap
Specific request: Pre-mutiny, an adventure at Christmas time

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about: Jack/Elizabeth, Jack & Elizabeth/Will, Jack & Norrington, Jack & Norrington/Elizabeth, Jack/Anamaria, Jack/OFC.

Anything you will not write: graphic slash; None of the following except as minor characters: EITC characters, Davy Jones, Scarlett and Giselle.
leobrat: Minaeleobrat on August 31st, 2008 07:30 pm (UTC)
Author name: Ash
LJ name: leobrat
Email address: ashleigh.fang@gmail.com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack/Elizabeth
Specific request: Post AWE that requires J/E to team up for something after not seeing each other for some time, sort of going 'undercover' and requiring them to be clean and bathed and groomed for the majority of the fic. (Perhaps being sent to London to recover something or other....) Shippy please :)
Character/pairing request 2: Will
Specific request: After meeting his nine-year-old son at the end of AWE, Elizabeth must introduce him to her four-year-old daughter, Pearl, who has inky black hair and eyes. Will's reaction.
Character/pairing request 3: Norrington/Anamaria
Specific request: set between CotBP and DMC, before Norrington goes way off the deep end. The Commodore captures a beautiful and savage female pirate, but cannot bring himself to turn her in. Why?

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about:
Jack, Elizabeth, Teague

Anything you will not write:
Extreme m/m slash, or any really graphic sex. Overly shippy Will/Elizabeth.

Edited at 2008-08-31 08:18 pm (UTC)
leobrat: D/V Adorablenessleobrat on August 31st, 2008 08:22 pm (UTC)
I tried to edit my earlier comment, but it wouldn't let me. I really don't object to writing any character, but I would probably be best with who I states above. Should warn that I haven't written any PotC before, but I have written over 100 figs in other fandoms.
powdermonkey: firstjackp0wdermonkey on August 31st, 2008 07:31 pm (UTC)
Author name: powdermonkey
LJ name: p0wdermonkey
Email address: hominid at ntl world dot com

Character/pairing request 1: Jack and Governor Swann
Specific request: Gen or slash as you prefer, but more interaction than they get in the films.
Character/pairing request 2: Barbossa and Monkey
Specific request: How did Barbossa acquire and name Jack? I *really* don't want explicit bestiality, other than that, do what you like!
Character/pairing request 3: Jack/Elizabeth/Norrington post AWE (Will optional)
Specific request: Norrington survives AWE. Threesome or moresome. Rated at least R :)

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about:
Jack/anyone (I mean it)

Anything you will not write:
monogamous Jack
Christmas (Yes, I know, just call me Scrooge, but I don't want to do pine needles and carol singing of the Caribbean. I don't mind setting it on 25th December and maybe having the characters go to church, if they're that way inclined, but that's my limit.)
Veronica Richveronica_rich on August 31st, 2008 09:01 pm (UTC)
Writer name: Veronica Rich
LJ name: veronica_rich
Email address: verthefirst @ yahoo.com

Character/pairing request 1: Will/Anamaria
Specific request: Can take place in any part of the series, can ignore sequels or take them into account - it doesn't matter. Must involve a sexual relationship, but you can write any rating.
Character/pairing request 2: Will and Gov. Swann
Specific request: Something set between CotBP and DMC, either before or after the engagement, that shows how these two would relate to one another as "father" and "son." It can be friendly or not, but you get bonus points for throwing in an argument or disagreement. *G*
Character/pairing request 3: Will and his mother
Specific request: I don't care if this is when Will is a little boy, or after he's made Ferryman, or anywhere in between - flashback, ghost visitation, whatever. I just want to see some interaction between them, get some backstory - preferably with Mom not ill (if you think she died of an illness, that's fine, but set it before then or ... after her death. Somehow).

At least three characters or pairings I'm willing to write: Pretty much any character, non-pairing (except Navy - see below). Pairings - Jack/Will, Jack/Will/Calypso(Tia Dalma), Will/Elizabeth, most minor characters in pairings (if I need to be more specific for a potential assignment, just contact me and I'll be glad to clarify).

Anything I will not write: Non-con, rape, the "dads" in pairings (Teague, Bill, Swann), Navy (I like Navy stories, I'm just horrible with writing nautical and military things), or femmeslash.
(Deleted comment)
Mary: black pearltiamary on September 6th, 2008 10:02 am (UTC)
I'm too late, I know. But just in case you need someone else...I'm throwing my hat in the ring. I didn't find out about this challenge until today.

I'd like to read (please nothing futuristic):

1. Post-AWE: Barbossa gets his just deserts for absconding with Jack's ship. Subplot: Elizabeth gives Barbossa what-for, for the stuff he did to her in the first film. I would ask that there be no Willabeth, Barbossabeth or Jack/Barbossa.

2. Any time during the three movies: Jack, Will and Elizabeth as friends, none of whom are romantically involved either of the other two or anyone else... think of it as the J/W/E without the sex.

3. Sparrabeth Christmas fic: Upbeat story although a faint tinge of melancholy is ok. I'd like the Christmas stuff to be historically true to the time and place... in other words, if people weren't really decorating pine trees in the Bahamas in 1730 and that's where and when your story is set, then please no pine trees or adult friend gift exchanges.

4. Farcical comedy story about Jack and a secondary character or an object such as his jar of dirt.

What I am not willing to write about: Willabeth (although J/W/E is okay), Jack/Anamaria, Barbossabeth, Jack/Barbossa, anyone paired up with Norrington because writing Norry isn't my strength, kink or porn (too many underage kids on livejournal), fiction with lots of hate and name-calling between the main characters.

And if my being too late totally disqualifies me, then at least I had fun writing this post. :)
penknife: piratespenknife on September 6th, 2008 11:29 am (UTC)
I'm afraid you are too late, since people have already been matched and assignments have already gone out. I'm sorry! However, if you're available to write a story if someone drops out, I'll put you on my list of back-up writers.